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IPS, also known as In-Plane Switching, is a type of monitor display and screen technology. More specifically, an IPS panel is a type of TFT LCD (or "active matrix" LCD). LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is the use of light modulating properties from unlit liquid crystals for providing a flat panel or electronic visual display.

Ckingway TFT LCD product portfolio come with IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT LCD display modules, we offer a full range of modules; available sizes are including mini IPS TFT 1.4", 2.4",2.6",2.8". 3.5", 3.97", 5", 

7", ", 9", 10.1",11.6", 15.6".23.1"  inch tft display, to deliver better performance in a range of demanding situations,