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An automotive navigation system is part of the automobile controls or a third party add-on used to find direction in an automobile. It typically uses a satellite navigation device to get its position data which is then correlated to a position on a road. When directions are needed routing can be calculated. On the fly traffic information (road closures, congestion) can be used to adjust the route.

Dead reckoning using distance data from sensors attached to the drivetrain, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer can be used for greater reliability, as GNSS signal loss and/or multipath can occur due to urban canyons or tunnels.

Car navigation is consistent with the requirements of automotive electronics. It is usually the temperature range over which the component can operate reliably.

Ckingway Sunlight Readable LCD Modules (High Brightness TFT Display) are suitable for outdoor applications. Outdoor doorbell Ckingway recommends the sizes: 3.5"3.97"4" 4.3" 5"5.7"7" 8"9", 10.1", 10.4".

Wide temperature TFT LCD is available in various sizes from 3.5”, 4.3", 5”, 5.7", 7",8”,10.1",10.4”. These TFT modules can be operating at Wide Temperature Range from -30 to 80 or up to 85.

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