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What is Anti-Glare Coating (AG), Anti-Reflective Coating (AR), Anti

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In order to overcome the defects of CRT itself (such as reflective problems with static problems), LCDs in the CRT glass case surface are mostly coated with different types of coatings (Coating) to increase the Anti-Glare Coating (AG), Anti-Reflective Coating (AR), Anti Fingerprint Coating (AF), Anti-Smudge Coating (AS).And widly used in Industrial Machine,Security System ,Telecom Product ,White Goods ,Audio System,Medical Equipment,POS SystemCloud / IoT,Intelligent Technology,Energy System / Equipment,Wearable Device,Smart Home,3D Printing, etc.

In our work in the LCD DISPLAY and touch panel industries, we often encounter what these acronyms mean, their basic concepts and how they can play a role in your design. Let's explore the differences.

What is Anti-Glare Coating (AG)?

Anti-Glare Coating (AG): The surface of glass forms a layer of particulate adhesion by spraying, which only relies on intermolecular force to bond with the glass surface to achieve antiglare This process is convenient and fast, with high production efficiency and low cost, and it is easy to process glass products with different gloss and haze.

What is Anti-Reflective Coating (AR)?

Multi-layer anti-reflective (AR) coating technology on glass surfaces improves the efficiency of solar panels and reduces glare. This broadband AR coating covers the entire acceptable spectral wavelength range of solar cells, reducing reflections from the device by more than 70%, thereby increasing its power output.Glass surfaces typically reflect about 4 per cent of the incident light, which is a significant light loss for PV products. This AR coating can reduce the emission to less than 1%

What is Anti Fingerprint Coating (AF), Anti-Smudge Coating (AS)

AF Anti-Fingerprint Coating (Anti-Fog Coating), also called easy-to-clean coating, anti-fingerprint coating. It can effectively prevent fingerprints, oil and dust but also has a very high light transmission rate without the matte feeling of the frosted film. It is the critical core material of the product anti-fingerprint. Sometimes it is also called AS(Anti-Smudge) coating.

It is to evaporate the active ingredients adsorbed in the carrier to the glass or film surface under vacuum and heat to form a hydrophobic and oleophobic nano-scale film layer. And it effectively reduces the adhesion of fingerprints and various stains and provides an easy-to-clean surface coating.

One the next page i will introduce The difference between AR Coating/ AG coating / AF/AS coating.

And the other type of coating:What is IR coating / UR coating / AU coating?

The difference between AR Coating/ AG coating / AF/AS coating.

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