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Innolux Takes Root in AI Precision Medicine to Establish Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

Integrating AI and IoT for high-precision medical examination and creating realistic and reliable surgical imaging diagnosis

[November 30, 2022, Miaoli] With a rapid technological development and an aging global population, the development of smart and precision medicine is thus accelerated. Innolux has been taking root in the smart healthcare field for many years. It will participate in the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2022 from December 1 to December 4 with its subsidiary, InnoCare to showcase solutions for AI precision medical examination, software and hardware integration, and high-end, precision medical display. Both entities have been working closely together to build an ecosystem in smart and precision medicine.

  James Yang, President of Innolux, said, “Based upon the core business of display devices, Innolux has achieved a value-added and cross-domain transformation, offering a full range of comprehensive and professional smart and precision medicine solutions. It will continuously build a foundation in flexible and cross-domain healthcare that is underpinned by a high value-added product portfolio and outstanding technology. Moreover, as borders are reopening, Innolux is also answering the call of the government's New Southbound Policy. With innovative applications like high-end precision medical displays, X-ray detectors, and AI software and hardware integrations, Innolux and InnoCare have collaborated with clients and strategic partners to jointly promote the upgrading of smart healthcare industry, in the hope of developing Taiwan’s healthtech industry in the international market.”

AI smart medical examination enhances precision screening without latency
  Innolux actively promotes Industry 4.0 by improving manufacturing automation technologies and providing customized solutions through key technologies such as AI and big data. Meanwhile, Innolux also applies integrated software and hardware solutions in multiple fields, such as smart and precision medicine, and industrial smart testing. For the expo, Innolux joins hands with the Taipei Medical University Hospital to showcase the「Liquid Cell Digital Photographic Analyzer」. It utilizes Innolux's exclusive advanced optical focus tracking technology that captures imagery of liquid cells in 3D and is equipped with AI-assisted image analytical system to effectively improve microscopy efficiency so as to provide more precise and high-quality liquid cell imaging. This analyzer can be widely applied by medical laboratories, pathology departments, and high-end physical examination centers to help medical examiners make judgments more efficiently. It is thus able to reduce the workload of medical staff.

Professional healthcare display applications to meet the need for realistic and reliable diagnostic images
  Given the global trend of applying smart technologies in precision medicine, Innolux provides an industry-leading and proprietary N3D medical image visualization system—the「 Medical Volume N3D System」. It is able to use patients’ CT DICOM data to reconstruct 3D images in real time, providing intuitive 3D medical images that will not cause dizziness even after prolonged viewing. This system can be applied to medical education, pre-operative evaluation and intraoperative assistance to help students understand the structures of blood vessels and tissues more intuitively, and help doctors understand the relative positions of lesions and blood vessels faster. This is helpful in providing information for surgical evaluation. Furthermore, Innolux is also honored to be one of the winners of the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award for this product. This is a notable recognition that Innolux receives for its steadfast innovation and development capabilities.

  In addition, Innolux will also showcase its 「31.5" 4K UHD Surgical Display」and 「55" 4K UHD Surgical Display」 that deliver 8 million pixels, ultra-high definition resolution, with high color saturation, high resolution, high brightness and wide color gamut. These display are able to provide medical personnel with perfect surgical precision for cardiac catheterization, endoscopy, and other surgical applications, that can significantly boost surgical safety and reliability.

Innolux_Liquid Cell Digital Photographic Analyzer

Innolux_Medical Volume N3D System


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