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3.97 inch IPS Lcd Display Wich CTP

● Model No.: CKT397M059EGC-A2

● Size: 3.97 " TFT LCD

● Resolution: 480X800 dots

● View Direction: 85/85/85/85

● Interface: 18 BIT RGB+SPI

● Diver IC: ILI9806E

● Brightness(cd/m²): 320

● Touch Screen: CTP

● 控制板:无

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Product details

CKT397M059EGC-A2 is a IPS 3.97 inch lcd display IPS TFT-LCD screen with resolution 480X800 pixels. This TFT display comprises an IPS TFT-LCD panel built with a ILI9806E driver IC that can communicate via 18 BIT RGB+SPI interface.

CKT397M059EGC-A2 is adopted IPS panel, which has the advantage of higher contrast, true black background when the display or pixel is off and wider viewing angle of Left:85 / Right:85 / Up:85 / Down:85 degree (typical), contrast ratio 800:1 (typical value), brightness 320nits (typical value), All materials meet environmental requirements RoHS/Reach standards.

The power supply voltage of LCM is from 1.65V to 3.6V, the typical value of 1.8/2.8V. It can be operating at temperatures from -20 to+ 70 and storage temperatures from -30 to +80It is suitable for embedded systems, industrial device, security and hand-held equipment which require display in high quality  and Industrial Machine,Security System ,Telecom Product ,White Goods ,Audio System,Medical Equipment,POS SystemCloud / IoT,Intelligent Technology,Energy System / Equipment,Wearable Device,Smart Home,3D Printing, etc.

This display is including projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) on module. If you would like to learn more high bright LCD display, please browse the IPS TFT categories and feel free to send us inquiry.

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